Banks, Insurance and Mutuals

Ensuring a healthy living environment for your customers and employees

With an extensive network of over 1,000 bank branches and more than 1,200 insurance and mutual insurance outlets at Luxemburg, the sector covers the whole of France, from urban to rural areas.

Our challenge is to guarantee a uniform response for all your points of sale.

The specific challenges of cleaning in the banking and insurance sector

The cleanliness of your points of sale is essential to preserve your brand image and reputation. It is also essential to ensure an optimal employee and customer experience.

Our agents are specially trained to meet the security and confidentiality requirements of their work, guaranteeing a professional service that complies with the security standards specific to your establishment.

Finally, on each site, our managers supervise and control the quality of the services provided, ensuring strict compliance with your specifications.

Customized cleaning solutions

To ensure a healthy environment for bank branches, insurance companies and mutual insurers, meticulous cleaning of reception areas, offices, floors, ATMs and glass surfaces is essential.

What's more, our expertise extends to the efficient management of office waste and confidential documents, protecting your sensitive information with the utmost rigor.

Managing cleanliness for multi-site brands requires special know-how. To meet these challenges, we adopt a network management approach, supported by our dedicated experts.

Dedicated training

We know that each sector has its own particularities. That's why we never underestimate the importance of specific training. We invest in the development of customized training courses, tailored to meet the unique requirements of your industry.

Safety and security are at the heart of our concerns. We believe in a proactive approach that involves every one of our employees.

That's why we provide dedicated safety and security training. It goes beyond the usual procedures and aims to raise our teams' awareness of customer risk, so that they can identify and manage delicate situations with professionalism and empathy.

In addition, we have developed a behavioral training program designed to cultivate positive attitudes and promote harmonious interactions. Our agents are not only competent, but also ambassadors of courtesy and respect. Fundamental values in the banking, insurance and mutual insurance sector.

Onet expertise Luxemburg

Our expertise in premises cleaning is based on 4 commitments. These enable us to provide cleaning services that are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers.

Optimum follow-up

Our monitoring of cleaning services is based on fine-tuned management, regular reporting, centralization of requests and a high level of responsiveness.

Operational quality

We want to be a trusted partner for your business. To this end, we implement a continuous improvement approach to meet your needs perfectly.

A culture of innovation

Our R&D team is constantly innovating to offer you cleaning solutions and processes designed to improve your user experience.

A commitment to CSR

We believe in making a positive contribution. Our solutions are designed to meet your CSR challenges, aligning your values with our commitment to a sustainable future.

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