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We provide a tailor-made response to your needs with a comprehensive range of security services.

With many years of experience, we support numerous customers at Luxemburg for all types of sites.

This protection of goods and people is achieved by centralizing human and electronic security activities on a dedicated platform, enabling us to significantly reduce incident response times.

human safety solutions

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We provide protection for industrial and commercial premises, various exhibitions, site guarding, regular on-site patrols, adapting to any electronic protection for your premises equipped with remote surveillance or video surveillance systems.

Surveillance adapted
to your sites

Securing your event

Our security company works with you to meet the unique security challenges of event organization. Whether for concerts, festivals, public conferences, sporting events or private functions, we implement rigorous security protocols to guarantee the safety of all your participants. What's more, we pay particular attention to training our security guards in crowd management, access control and event response planning.

Securing your premises

The security of your premises is of paramount importance. Our teams implement physical security measures to protect your premises, property and personnel. But also to prevent, deter and minimize any risks you may encounter. Our security guards are trained to guarantee the safety of a wide range of premises, including offices, industrial sites, restaurants, stores and all other types of establishment.

Human Safety

The main services are as follows:

  • Guarding: Providing flexible, professional guarding solutions, perfectly tailored to your requirements and technical constraints.
  • Mobile Security / Patrol: Offering highly adaptable mobile security solutions for any environment.
  • Event security: Prevent risks associated with events and demonstrations by offering customized solutions.
  • Fire safety: Reinforce the safety of your company and its occupants in the face of fire hazards.
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Discover our expertise Onet Luxemburg

Our company takes a professional approach to security, combining the expertise of our agents with a detailed analysis of each customer's needs. This approach enables us to respond effectively to our customers' specific needs and risks, guaranteeing reliable safety and security solutions for every type of business sector.

Every agent is

We attach the utmost importance to the training of our security guards to ensure optimum safety and efficient performance.

Anongoing investment

We equip ourselves with the latest technological security solutions to optimize our services: closed-circuit television, access control systems, alarm systems...


We believe in proactive security measures, employing preventive strategies to identify and prevent risks.

Management and monitoring of our security services

We have a full range of management and monitoring tools for complete supervision of our services, from planning to training and quality control, offering complete visibility and traceability.

  • Flash Control & Blue Quality: Quality control tools, offering regular monitoring to optimize services and facilitate customer exchanges.

  • Vigicom: Your central tool for measuring and monitoring operations. The mobile application is used by our round controllers for efficient management.

  • BM Soft: Planning tool used to prepare invoices and pay slips for agents

  • Onet Learn: Videos, tips and safety recommendations to help our agents with everyday gestures, products and materials

  • Onet Blue Business: An intuitive interface, accessible 24/7, offering autonomy, responsiveness and visibility on our security services.

The Vigicom computer handrail lets you :

  • Multi-site management
  • Events and accounts
  • Daily task / control / anomaly sheets
  • Incident management
  • Customized settings and real-time feedback
  • Analysis and reporting

The mobile version allows :

  • Photo and video shooting
  • GSM / PTI round controller
  • Remote setpoint transmission
  • Conformity check

Checking the overall level of performance

We systematically evaluate our services. The results of these checks are transformed into indicators for the follow-up meetings we hold with our customers.

Site managers are also informed of regulatory compliance results and customer satisfaction surveys. Our Onet Blue Quality application provides full control over service quality.

The purpose of periodic inspections is to verify :

  • Service compliance
  • The level of quality expected on the site
  • The level of safety performance
  • Presence, suitability, maintenance and checking of equipment and resources to be supplied
  • The quality and competence of our workforce
  • The capacity and effectiveness of site management and supervisory staff
  • Operational value of the service
  • Follow-up of action plans

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