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Human values and ecological preservation at the heart of our concerns

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Onet Luxemburg is a high-performance with ever more innovative processes to support you every day. Our ESR policy guides our company every day, in supporting our customers, with virtuous practices for the well-being of our employees, respecting their working conditions and preserving the environment. We are committed to ensuring that human values and ecological preservation are at the heart of all the measures we take to manage our customers' contracts.
Our ESR policyguides our company every day

Pascal Rogé, Director

Onet Luxemburg

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Our priority CSR issues

Onet has built its responsible development policy to identify the priority issues facing our businesses.

Our ESR policy guides our company every day, as we support our customers with virtuous practices for the well-being of our employees, respecting their working conditions and preserving the environment.

We are committed to ensuring that human values and ecological preservation are at the heart of our concerns.

Economic stakes

Guarantee financial independence and ensure the company's long-term future

Social issues

Preserving our teams and developing their potential

Environmental issues

Preserving the environment and helping to protect the planet

Social issues

Helping to create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Onet Luxemburg wishes to make a greater contribution to sustainable development. Onet is committed to ensuring that its various projects and programs are identified with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Agenda 2030), thus enabling it to forge partnerships with its stakeholders and contribute, within its means, to the relevant SDGs.

Responsible Development

Onet Group

Circular economy - Biogistic responsible waste management solution

For the past 3 years, Onet Luxemburg has been committed to a circular economy approach.

Since 2015, Onet has been working on 2 major areas that respond to this logic: Onet's global responsible cleaning solution "Biogistic" and optimized waste management solutions.

In October 2018, we took another step forward in promoting a circular economy model by joining theInstitut National de l'Économie Circulaire (INEC) in the presence of MP François-Michel Lambert, its founder.

What is Biogistic?

"Biogistic" is a combination of :

  • Biotechnological, eco-labelled, ultra-concentrated products with no volatile organic compounds or hazard pictograms.
  • Our patented mobile dilution plant, the DILUMOB®, which enables us to meet dilution needs as close to the site as possible.
  • And an optimized logistical organization of the cleaning service, from the purchase of products upstream to their use and recycling of containers on site.
Dilumob® is a technical solution for controlled dilution

Circular economy - Managing our waste

Whatever its nature, every waste product must be treated in an ecological and responsible manner. Through its practices and partnerships, Onet Luxemburg works actively to reduce and recycle its waste and effluents.

The SuperDrecksKëscht© fir Betriber seal of approval
Environmentally-friendly waste management

Preventing, reducing, recovering and disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way - SuperDrecksKescht® guarantees the sensible use of available raw materials and energy sources - under the motto 'safety and the future' for all.

Onet Luxemburg has been awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht®quality label for its exemplary waste management since 2003.

The awarding of this label rewards all our employees and agents for their genuine commitment to ecological waste management and their contribution to improving the environment.

An ecological waste prevention and management scheme was developed with an advisor from the " SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber " as part of a joint initiative by the Ministry of the Environment and the Chamber of Trades.

Specific WEEE treatment processes

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is considered hazardous waste. Industrial cleaning equipment must be collected, recycled and treated by approved organizations.

Onet Luxembroug has renewed its cooperation agreement for the collection of WEEE with the non-profit association ECOTREL at the sorting and grouping centers recognized by Ecotrel, namely the SuperDrecksKëscht warehouse in Colmar-Berg and the Lamesch SA site in Bettembourg.

Thanks to the integration of environmental and social criteria, and above all the quest for equipment performance, Onet has seen a reduction in its WEEE waste.

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