Headquarters and Institutions

Organizing hygiene and cleanliness for the well-being of your employees and visitors

With 4 buildings over 100m high, Luxemburg boasts a high concentration of major headquarters and high-rise buildings, most of them with exceptional engineering structures.

Beyond the day-to-day use of offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms by your staff, welcoming visitors is a key image issue for all public and private companies.

Our challenge is to offer you adapted, responsive hygiene and cleanliness services, provided by a competent, dedicated team.

The cleanliness and hygiene of your premises,
a key element in your company's image and an essential factor in the well-being of your occupants.

Onet stands out as the benchmark for office cleaning at Luxemburg, capitalizing on nearly 50 years of experience in the field. We offer tailor-made office cleaning services and solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Expertise for your employees' well-being

Onet's experts in office hygiene and cleaning become your partners in understanding your needs and expectations. Each cleaning agent takes your company's specifics into account, working with you to design a customized cleaning solution.

Centralized management for perfect control

Our approach is based on centralized, uniform and responsive management, adopting the motto "think global, act local" to guarantee the hygiene of every office.

What's more, the proximity of our operational management enables us to intelligently adapt best practices to the specific features of your sites. This proximity ensures regular communication, responsiveness, optimized social management and regular quality control.

Innovative tools tailored to your site

We also invest in research and development to stay at the cutting edge of technical, managerial and environmental innovations. This enables us to constantly optimize our services and offer you innovative solutions.

For example, our CleanConnect offer revolutionizes the cleaning industry by linking the cleaner to data specific to your company, improving service quality in real time.

European Court of Justice

Our agents trained for your work environment

When it comes to training our cleaners, we provide theoretical and practical training specific to office cleaning. These courses aim to develop the skills needed to meet high standards of hygiene and safety. On-the-job companionship is complemented by the Onet Learn smartphone app, which broadcasts video training modules, ensuring continuous awareness of cleaning results.

Our expertise in occupant and building services

Occupant services

Our Occupant Services open the door to a new level of convenience and luxury. Imagine a corporate concierge service that transcends expectations, offering an impressive range of services.

From caring for your textiles with our dry-cleaning and alterations service, to fresh produce delivery from our trusted greengrocer, to relaxing moments with hairdressing, beauty and massage services - we've thought of everything to offer you the very best.

Even nature has its place, with fresh flowers and carefully selected fruit and vegetables.

And for those who are constantly on the move, our range of car services, from car washes to pick-ups, simplifies your daily routine.

Don't miss any special occasions with our dedicated ticketing service.


Cleaning of insurance and mutual bank branches

Building services

Building Services is no exception. We believe in a welcome that goes beyond a smile, handling your mail with care and creating meeting spaces that inspire.

Our green hands bring your outdoor spaces to life, creating havens of peace within your environment.

We are committed to ensuring the long-term viability of your infrastructure. And when cleanliness is paramount, our expertise in 3D hygiene - disinsectisation, disinfection and pest control - guarantees a safe and healthy environment.

With us, every service is a piece of the puzzle that creates a picture of harmonious functionality. Our expertise is your ally in making life easier for both occupants and buildings.

Come and discover the renaissance of life and work experience.

Optimize your waste management
with our Green Flow connected solution

In the complex world of waste management, the Onet GREEN FLOW solution is emerging as the benchmark. This solution, combining an advanced software platform and intelligent connected objects, guarantees unrivalled traceability of internal and external flows.

Find out how this revolutionary technology can propel your business towards efficient, regulatory-compliant waste management.

Operational efficiency
Manage your waste from A to Z

Green Flow goes beyond simple waste management. It offers complete management of the entire process, giving you total control over operations. This innovative tool can help you anticipate challenges, manage contingencies such as sorting errors, while optimizing your resources for maximum operational efficiency.

Simplified regulatory compliance
From BSD management to analytical reporting

Stay on top of regulatory compliance with Green Flow. From the management of waste tracking slips to certificates of destruction, this solution ensures total compliance.

Green Flow can generate analytical reports enabling you to make informed decisions to continually improve your processes and achieve significant productivity gains.


Transform your approach to waste management with GREEN FLOW today!

Onet expertise Luxemburg

Our expertise in premises cleaning is based on 4 commitments. These enable us to provide cleaning services that are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers.

Optimum follow-up

Our monitoring of cleaning services is based on fine-tuned management, regular reporting, centralization of requests and a high level of responsiveness.

Operational quality

We want to be a trusted partner for your business. To this end, we implement a continuous improvement approach to meet your needs perfectly.

A culture of innovation

Our R&D team is constantly innovating to offer you cleaning solutions and processes designed to improve your user experience.

A commitment to CSR

We believe in making a positive contribution. Our solutions are designed to meet your CSR challenges, aligning your values with our commitment to a sustainable future.

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