Related services

Providing you with answers and comfort in managing your sites

We support numerous companies by offering them our expertise in associated services.

Our associated service solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers and their users, to improve their comfort.

This includes taking on tasks peripheral to their core business, helping to optimize efficiency and safety.

Optimize your working environment

Related services
dedicated to buildings

Our qualified technicians will take care of the maintenance of your fixtures and fittings, ensuring responsive and precise work. By preserving your premises, you ensure a quality image.

  • Pest control (Disinfection-Disinsectisation-Dératisation, and Dépigeonnage)
  • Management of outdoor and indoor green spaces (lawn mowing, mowing, weeding, spading, hoeing, watering, pruning, etc.)
  • Snow removal
  • Supplies of sanitary consumables and equipment: management of your hygiene consumables (paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc.)
  • Parking lot cleanliness
  • Inter-company small removals services: moving furniture and containers, archiving ...

Related services
dedicated to users

We are committed to offering you local service solutions dedicated to the comfort and optimization of everyday life in your workplace.

  • Mail management
  • Reception, management and preparation of meeting rooms.
  • Management and provision of water fountains.
  • Vending: management and delivery of fruit, coffee, chocolate ...
  • Pressing

Why entrust your cleaning management and related services to a single partner?

Entrusting the management of your cleaning and related services to a single partner simplifies your day-to-day operations by consolidating all your needs into a single point of contact. You benefit from operational synergies, controlled costs and global management of your working environment.

A reduced portfolio of trusted service providers

Across all service professions (services related to the working environment, logistics, waste management, reception, etc.).

A relationship of trust with a single point of contact

We act as the interface between you and our operating network, guaranteeing that our commitments are met at your sites and ensuring proactive contract management.

A service provider with a diversified range of services and innovative solutions

By making a concrete commitment to eco-responsible issues: in-house training programs, labelled products and materials...

A service provider that delivers innovation day after day

Development of a network of partners to provide more services every day (automatic distribution, document management and conservation, waste management and recovery) and synergies (business and responsible development) to better satisfy our customers.

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