Decontamination and


Engineering and services for Decontamination and Dismantling

Onet Technologies is one of the most important D&D actors in France, with decades of experience in this field. D&D is one of our true core businesses and we support our clients in France and internationally throughout their projects: From the very first studies until the completion of the on-site operations. 

Onet Technologies is a company dedicated both to engineering and services, with a staff composed of engineers and on-site workers. We benefit from a real user’s feedback, with knowledge of the costs-benefits, which we integrate into our designs of solutions. With a system engineer approach we integrate the best proven and innovative technologies in solutions to complex D&D challenges. 

Our Activities

  • Dismantling studies, expertise and advice in all fields of Engineering
  • Investigations, radiological characterizations and creation of digital twins
  • Design and development of special decontamination and dismantling equipment
  • Dismantling of research and reprocessing facilities, experimental and power nuclear reactors
  • Delegated operation (on behalf of the owner) of nuclear facilities being decommissioned

In Japan, Onet Technologies workswith
Japanese and French partners to offer

Support to the Japanese R&D, to improve projects or to solve unique challenges
Nuclear Engineering, with studies and design of solutions for D&D projects
Innovative and proven Technologies, adapted and tested to meet our clients’ challenges
Key Project

Our key D&D projects in Japan so farsince 2013

We support the R&D for the dismantling of Fukushima Daiichi by participating to the Project of Decommissioning and Contaminated Water Management.

We bring relevant D&D technologies from France and adapt them to the challenges of Fukushima Daiichi to make their use in this complex environment as safe as possible


Series of projects aiming at developing a safe and efficient application of laser cutting technologies to the Fuel Debris Retrieval

Development of nuclear measurement technologies for the purpose of safety

Project focusing on the safe collection and filtration of dust and aerosols generated during Fuel Debris Retrieval (mechanical and thermal cutting techniques, including laser)

Other important projects Japan in the field of D&D include:

  • Particle Generation Test Using Simulated Uranium Containing Debris (characterization of aerosols). 
  • Studies to support the definition of remotely operated D&D solutions for Japan. 
  • Tests of D&D technologies aiming at demonstrating their capacities to meet the requirements of Japanese clients. 

Featured Technologies

Laser Cutting for Nuclear Decommissioning

  • adapted to in air and underwater cutting off nuclear decommissioning
  • Many benefits compared to conventional techniques starting from Safety
  • Candidate to address the most difficult challenges of Fukushima Daiichi
  • Other perspectives in the long term in Japan (Power Reactors and Research Sites)
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